Back to the roots...

My name is Ivonne, and as a mother of two kids, I always care for them to feel as comfortable as possible. That's why I've started creating my own sewing patterns and fell in love with them. Ever since, I have loved making things on my own, creating, inventing, and designing, starting from the idea, to the pattern, to the first prototype until the final clothing.
I offer downloadable kids, women, matching, and NEW men sewing patterns focusing on easy-to-sew and easy-to-wear clothing in my shop. All sewing patterns come with a step-by-step tutorial in English and color photos for each step. If you do not speak English, please get in touch with me; I can help you out also in Spanish, German or Italian.

Please feel free to join my sewing group:
www.facebook.com/groups/IvLHechoconAmor/<br />
Happy sewing!

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