The tiered dress is designed comfortable and has a slightly oversized fit. 

It comes with many options to choose from. You can turn the pattern into top, tunic or dress, with short, 1/2 sleeves or long sleeves, furthermore you can choose between 2 different sleeves styles, puffed or regular on the shoulder, etc... the variations are endless and perfect to be used in summer or winter.

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PDF - A4/ USLetter, A0 and Projector (layered).


US: XXS -  2XL

EU: 30 - 54


Confident Beginner. 


Knit fabrics.

Woven fabrics.

Size: 32, double brush poly fabric, shoulder adjustment, 1st tier extended x 1.5, 7/8 sleeves.

Size: 34, woven - viscose fabric, extended body by 10 cm, 2nd tier 1.5 length with 1/2 sleeves.

Size: 34, woven - muslin fabric, 2nd tier shortended by 10 cm, long sleeves.

Size: 36, woven - cotton fabric, 2nd tier shortened by 10 cm, 7/8 sleeves.

Size: 38, woven - linen fabric, 1st tier double height, 1/2 sleeves.

Size: 38 with shoulder adjustment, woven fabric, 7/8 sleeves.

Size: 38, woven - muslin fabric, 7/8 sleeves.

Size: 38, woven fabric, extended body by 10 cm with 7/8 sleeves.

Size: 38, woven fabric, 1/2 sleeves.

Size: 38, woven fabric, 1st tier shortened by 8cm.

Size: 40, woven fabric, 1st and 2nd tier half height, long sleeves.

Size: 40, woven - crep fabric, 3rd tier added, long sleeves.

Size: 42, woven fabric, extended body by 15 cm with 1st tier.

Size: 42, woven fabric, long sleeves.

Size: 42, velvet fabric, 1st tier half height with long sleeves. 

Size: 44, woven fabric, short sleeves.

Size: 44, divided front body piece (pattern hack) for breastfeeding and added snaps, long sleeves.

Size: 44, knit - jersey fabric, long sleeves.